With All I Am

With All I Am

With All I Am
Key: D


D                        A/C#           Bm
  Into Your hands      I commit again
F#m/A  G          A          
All I     am   for You Lord
D                            A/C#                         Bm
  You hold my world    in the palm of Your hands
   F#m/A   G        A           Em Asus
And I am Yours Forever


  A         D  A/C#  G/B
Jesus, I believe   in You
          D/F# F#m    G
Jesus, I belong    to You
You’re the reason that I live
                 Asus A                D
The reason that I sing, With all I am


D              A/C#                  Bm
I walk with You    wherever You will go
       F#m/A       G         A         D
Through tears and joy I’ll trust in You
              A/C#               Bm
And I will live    In all of Your ways
        F#m/A    G           A  Em7
And Your promi – ses  for – ever


      Dsus  D  A/C#
I will wor – ship
      G/B   Bm     A
I will wor – ship, You



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