Getting stuck during song transitions or prayer?

• You want to play even better but don't know where to start?

• You want to transition smoothly between songs?

• You want to play beautifully in ANY situation (prayer, while someone is speaking)?

• You want to play during your own prayer time, but not sure what?

You can learn to play during those different situations inside the...

Piano Ministry Course

A Simple, Five-Week Program to Get You to Play Beautifully in ANY Situation

Learn How to Play Spontaneous Music

Learn How to Play Introductions Boldly

Learn How to Transition from Song to Song

Learn How to Play During Prayer

Learn How to Play when someone is Speaking



I was the lead pianist at our church and came to the point where I KNEW something had to change. I was super awkward during song transitions and didn’t know what to play during prayer, or a sermon. After spending hours upon hours in my alone time figuring this out – I am finally able to lead without distracting people. More than that – I am now on a mission to help you, a pianist who’s goal is to serve the people around you.

What's Included?

HD Video

When I was first learning to play beautifully, I ran into a big roadblock. When I watched random piano tutorials, I wasn’t able to clearly see which keys were being pressed because of poor lighting and video quality. It was so hard to model what to play when I wasn’t sure what I saw! Back then, I had to spend hours to figure out what exactly the person was playing by pausing the video over and over again or watching it in slow motion.. But I don’t want you to have to spend hours of your life figuring out what I’m playing because I’m providing great lighting and quality as part of this package. Here, you’ll get very detailed, high quality video so that you can see exactly how I’m pressing on the keys with my hands.

Light-Up Piano Keys

I can’t count how many times I’ve watched piano covers or tutorials and couldn’t see the keys that were being pressed for the life of me! It’s so challenging to pause the video over and over again to somehow guess which keys are pressed. In this course, on every single piano video, you’ll also see the EXACT keys that are being played so that you don’t miss a single detail!

Student Dashboard

Recently, I asked my piano students “what is the most important tool when learning piano?” Each of them replied to my email saying that having 24/7 access to the lessons for a LIFETIME mattered to them a lot! You’ll be able to access your course lessons anywhere at any time AND track your progress, manage account details on the “My Account” Page.

You'll Also Get These Bonuses

PMC_eBook Cover-min

Bonus #1: Piano Ministry Course eBook

When I was first learning to play beautifully, I hit a Wall. I didn’t know what to do with all the information I was learning about the styles of piano. I had to create a little notebook of reminders of what to play at which times. I had to spend months writing all those lessons and spent hundreds of dollars putting them together – only the BEST, most important piano lessons in here. I don’t want you to have to recreate the wheel. I’ve already got proven strategies and I’m going to give it to you with this package for FREE. This book acts as your companion to the video lessons. If you’re a visual learner – you will LOVE the explanations in this book. Accessible on any device and can also be printed as a workbook! Inside the book, you’ll find pages that correspond with each module of the course. 

Bonus #2: Course Timeline Checklist

I spent hours learning random things from all over the place. I learned a little here, a little there, and wasn’t sure how to connect all the dots and put all my piano knowledge together. I had to create a checklist, based on a timeline of all the lessons I’ve learned. I don’t want you to recreate the wheel – I’ve already got proven steps. And I’m just going to give this checklist to you with the package. This checklist is going to make it faster and easier for you to know exactly what you need to learn and what you need to practice in each module. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to take on a full course right now – this is going to solve that for you. How? Because it goes through each part of this program and shows exactly what needs to be done and how much time it’ll take to do it. ALL that from a birds eye view – so that you don’t have to waste a single extra minute planning with this course. All you’ll need is a dedicated~1 hour per week! That’s only 12 minutes a day! You might be thinking…”I’m a slow learner and there’s no way I can learn for only 15 min – 1 hour a week. But actually, I created this checklist with YOU in mind. It keeps all the course information SO organized with a timeline, you won’t have to spend any more time than you need to. Unless you DO happen to have a lot of time!
Cheat Sheet png-min

Bonus #3: My TOP Chord Progressions Cheat Sheet

I had to test out A TON of different chord progressions. I spend days sitting at the piano and looking at what would sound better in different situations. This Cheat Sheet is going to make it faster and easier for you to know exactly what to play in ANY situation. How? Because it has a section with my favorite “Happy & Up-Beat” Chord Progressions and “Thoughtful & Emotional” Chord Progressions. You might be thinking… I already know chords and progressions. But actually, different situations require a different set of chords. Some progressions have a “emotional” feel to them, while others are very uplifting and happy.

Two Sessions with an Instructor Typically Costs $240. If you purchase today, you will get the Piano Ministry Course, HD Video Quality & Light-Up Piano Roll, Piano Ministry eBook, Timeline Checklist, and my Chord Progressions Cheat Sheet and it will cost you LESS. 


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Everything You'll Get

When you purchase the Piano Ministry Course Today!

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It will cost you money to get started, but that money will come back, whereas the time away from your family in trial and error is gone forever. 


Since you’re still reading, I wanna gift you something a little extra…


If you know me a little, you know that I am all about “over delivering” value – you see that in my free weekly tutorials.


People on the internet usually charge monthly membership fees to access full-length piano tutorials – but I just give them away for free because I love giving.


You see…


Thousands of people watch my free tutorials online. But because they’re free – it doesn’t change their lives. In order for something to completely change your life – it requires an investment on your side.


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When you invest today, you’re also going to get access to the Ultimate Playing Patterns Lessons Bundle for FREE (worth $237)!!


I spent years coming up with my own styles of playing.


One of my favorite styles is the Flowy Style play pattern and the Simple Play Pattern – BOTH of which are constantly being used by some of my favorite musicians.


I don’t want you to have to spend years figuring them out…


So I’m going to add this pattern bundle to your order for FREE when you invest into the Piano Ministry Course TODAY ONLY!


This bonus is going to show you some of the most simple, yet beautiful playing patterns that make you sound like a complete pro when playing SONGS.


How? I go through the exact details of what to press with your left and right hands for different songs.

Invest NOW to get the Piano Ministry Course, HD Video Quality & Light-Up Piano Roll, Piano Ministry eBook, Timeline Checklist, and my Chord Progressions Cheat Sheet AND the Playing Patterns Bundle for ONLY $197!


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