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Learn to Play by Rhythm

Is rhythm a challenging area for you? The teaching and exercises in this lesson will help you play songs in their perfect rhythm with both hands.

Learn to Make Your Hands Work Together

Can't play two different parts with both hands? The exercises and teaching in the lesson will give your brain more control over your hands - especially when playing different things.

Learn to Play Major Scales

Learning scales is SO important. You will need them whenever you'll want to transpose a song, improvise, or play by ear. It's also great practice for your hands and fingers!

Learn to Form Chords

You might know your piano keys - but putting those keys together to form chords can be a tricky task! This simple and effective video lesson will teach you to create major and minor chords even if you don't have a chord chart in front of you!

Learn the Piano Keys

Have you been dreaming of playing piano, but never got to it? Hundreds of people are learning piano all on their own - with just a little bit of help from small, short lessons. The first step to playing piano is learning the piano keys and then the chords - after that - you're free to play any song!

Already Play Piano?

Improve Your Skills with These Lessons

Learn about Slash Chords (G/B)

Do you know how to play chords? Have you ever seen that weird chord with a slash in between? What does it mean and how do you play it? Get ready to not only read those chords - but you'll be able to make up your own slash chords for any song!

Learn About Suspended Chords (Gsus4)

Knowing chords is great - but if you find yourself playing the same thing over and over again - it's not so great. Suspended chords will get you out of your shell of playing basic chords and will add so much dimension into your playing sound. Get ready to play amazingly!

Learn about Song Keys

You might already know your chords, but what is a song key? And how can you determine a certain song's key? Knowing about song keys is a MUST and will make it much simpler to play songs and even improvise and play by ear.

Simple Play Pattern Lesson

You might already know your chords well - but find yourself playing the same thing over and over again...

Learn to Play by Ear

Playing by ear is one of those things that "talented" people do. But it's also a skill that can easily be learned and applied by anyone! Have you ever wanted to play that one song but never got to it because you didn't know the chords or couldn't find the sheet music?

Flowy Style Play Pattern Mini Course

You might know basic chords - but do you know how to play them together with your left and right hands to make it sound beautiful and flowy? Click on title of Lesson to see full description.

Learn to Change a Song Key/Transpose

Have you had a time when you needed to switch a song key or pick it up by a couple of half steps and got completely lost?

Learn to Play Inverted Chords

Do you know your basic chords, but want to add a little more color to your playing? Inverted chords will change your piano playing life!

Learn to Improvise Lesson

Have you ever been in a situation where you were playing chords but had no idea what to add with your right hand to make your playing sound more beautiful?

"I always had a hard time knowing what to play in between chords, but your Simple Play Style and Flowy Style Lessons really got my out of my shell and taught me to fill in the gaps in my playing!" - Alisa