Tired of not being able to play any song you want?

• You want to start playing piano but don't know where to start?

• You think you might be too old to start learning piano?

• You think you'll never be as good as other piano players?

Do you want to SIMPLY play songs?

You’re probably not looking to become a classical pianist who performs all the Mozart and Bach pieces.

Maybe you just want to learn to play songs that will connect you more with God and the people around you.

And… maybe you’ve been wanting to learn piano, but all the keys and notes seem really confusing to you.

I was there too

We came to the U.S. as refugees and my parents couldn’t afford lessons and…


I wanted to simply play songs, didn’t wanna be a super classical piano professional.


Not only that – I wanted to be close with God, wanted to be able to worship Him alone, wanted to be able to sing with friends and family.


My dad LOVED music, but said “no” to piano lessons, as much as he wanted them for me.


I made a plan to learn piano by myself.


Started with all the notes and beats and confusing theory.


It was hard, but I actually was able to play some nursery rhymes! YEY (facepalm)


Then Something Happened


My friend came over and she really wanted to sing something with me while I play. And since I already knew how to play a little, I was pretty excited.


But that’s when I realized that…


I didn’t know how to play songs!


The whole reason I learned piano in the first place was to play songs and sing with the people in my life and worshipbut I couldn’t even do that!


It was SO Heartbreaking!


Some time later, I noticed my cousin writing out lyrics into her little “song notebook”.


And she was writing little tiny letters on top of her lyrics!


And I was like….waaaaht is that??


She explained to me that those letters represents chords that she’ll be playing for that specific song.


I. Was. So. Mind. Blown. 


Here I was trying to learn all these notes and beats and rests and complicated theory and she just looks at these little letters?


I. Was. Hooked. I learned chords and played them every free minute I had.


Now, not only did I learn to play a ton of songs by looking at those little letter chords, this experience completely changed my whole perspective on piano.


And it’s my goal to change YOUR perspective on piano. 


You don’t have to learn the complicated theory…


You just need to learn chords.


I wanna teach you ALL about chords and show you how simple piano REALLY is!



I have been publishing hundreds of piano tutorials on YouTube for years and am one of the leading piano instructors online.

Now...Imagine what life would be like if you were able to play ANY song you want.

…When you come home after a stressful day, you can easily play your favorite song and connect with God on your own, or with people you love…


…When someone asks you to play a specific song, you can easily pull up the chords and play with no prior practice…


…If you feel called to join the worship ministry at church, you’ll be able to join in and play as if you’ve been playing for years…



You can actually make all that possible with the...

Basic Piano Course

A Simple, Four-Step Program to Get You to Play Songs on Piano.

Learn ALL the Keys on the Piano Keyboard

Learn ALL the Chords on the Piano Keyboard

Learn How to Use the Piano Sustain Pedal

Learn Beautiful Playing Patterns

What's Included?

HD Video

I’ve watched many piano videos. You can be sure of that. And one of the things that hindered me from seeing the full picture of a piano piece was video and lighting quality! So hard to learn when you can barely see anything. Here, you’ll get very detailed, high quality video so that you can see exactly how I’m pressing on the keys with my hands.

Virtual Piano

I can’t count how many times I’ve watched piano covers or tutorials and couldn’t see the keys that were being pressed for the life of me! It’s so challenging to pause the video over and over again to somehow guess which keys are pressed. In this course, on every single piano video, you’ll also see the EXACT keys that are being played so that you don’t miss a single detail!

Student Dashboard

Recently, I asked my piano students “what is the most important tool when learning piano?” Each of them replied to my email saying that having 24/7 access to the lessons for a LIFETIME mattered to them a lot! You’ll be able to access your course lessons anywhere at any time AND track your progress, manage account details on the “My Account” Page.

You'll Also Get These Bonuses

eBook mockup

Bonus #1: Basic Piano Course eBook

This book acts as your companion to the video lessons. If you’re a visual learner – you will LOVE the illustrations and explanations in this book. Accessible on any device and can also be printed as a workbook! Inside the book, you’ll find pages that correspond with each module of the course. 

Bonus #2: Basic Piano Course Flashcards

There has been more and more research studies that are proving that the use of flashcards is VERY beneficial when trying to learn. If you’re a person who likes to memorize concepts and implement what you learn right away, these flashcards will cut your learning time in half!
Top ten mockup

Bonus #3: Top TEN Songs for Beginners Songbook

Ok. You may learn chords and how to play, but where do you go from there? It’s impossible to play songs without knowing which chords to play. With this songbook, you’ll have the top songs with the lyrics and chords right in front of you to get you started right away.

Bonus #4: Blank Keyboard Sheets

Some choose to start learning piano even without a piano keyboard. If you don’t have a keyboard just yet, or you really like to take notes and label your keys – these sheets will allow you to do that! Feel free to draw and color all over them – or quiz yourself on chord knowledge!

Bonus #5: Weekly Worship Song Tutorials

I remember the moment when I learned chord piano and started learning new songs. It was so difficult to come out of my shell and be creative! I wish I had someone who could show me their jazz and lead me through how THEY play songs. That’s what I wanna do for you. You’ll never run out of new songs to learn with these new worship song tutorials EVERY week.  I’ll guide you through entire songs step by step – weekly.

Two Sessions with an Instructor Typically Costs $120. If you purchase today, you will get the Basic Piano Course, Blank Piano Sheets, Basic Piano eBook, Piano Flashcards, FREE weekly tutorials, and HD video with virtual piano and it will cost you LESS. You will know everything you need to know to play as many songs as you’d like. 


You don’t have to take my word for it…
Check out these results!

Here’s a Recap of


When you purchase the Basic Piano Course Today!

TOTAL VALUE.......$579!!!

When you buy TODAY, You’ll get all the bonuses above for only one single payment of…



Now let me put this into perspective for you…


Because you’ve invested this time with me by being on this website…


You’ve proven that you really want to learn to play songs on the piano.


I’m making a special offer just for you.


So at this point you have two choices.


Choice #1 is to do nothing. If you do nothing with the information you’ve learned, what will you get? Nothing.


Or you can choose to take a leap of faith. Just test it out to see if it will work for you.


You see…


Every month, money replenishes, right? But this is the key – time does NOT replenish.


It disappears.


So you could go out and spend months or years of your valuable time to figure something out – but you will never get that time back…


Instead, you could save that time and effort, because I’ve already spent it for you.


It will cost you money to get started, but that money will come back, whereas the time away from your family in trial and error is gone forever. 


Since you’re still reading, I wanna gift you something a little extra…


If you know me a little, you know that I am all about “over delivering” value – you see that in my free weekly tutorials.


People on the internet usually charge monthly membership fees to access full-length piano tutorials – but I just give them away for free because I love giving.


You see…


Thousands of people watch my free tutorials online. But because they’re free – it doesn’t fully change their lives. In order for something to completely change your life – it requires an investment on your side.


Back to the gift I wanna give you…


When you invest today, you’re also going to get access to the How to Play be Ear Lesson for free.


I spent years learning to pick songs up by ear.


I don’t want you to have to spend years figuring it out…


So I’m going to add this lesson to your order for FREE when you invest into the Basic Piano Course TODAY!


This bonus is going to give you practical exercises to start playing by ear.

When you buy TODAY, You’ll get all the bonuses above for only one single payment of $97!


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