“Thanks so much for your simplicity of teaching these awesome worship songs. I am a missionary in Africa, Cameroon and have been working towards establishing worship schools to these precious people who do not have the luxury of music training that we have in America. So I am downloading your tutorials to train many young people these songs so a vision for worship can be birthed in the spirits of the people.” – Kathy


“I’ve been watching many of your videos and they have helped me so much, so God bless you for putting you in such an amazing position to help others praise the Lord.” – Solange


“I’m having to hold back tears right now. I love this song very much. I have a friend of mine that when he sings this you just cry. I would love to play this while he sang it. Thank you so very much for giving me the chance to make that happen.” – Matt


“I just wanted you to know how much God is pleased with what you are doing.  You are a blessing and encouragement to so many believers that long to play and sing their worship in their personal one on one time with God.  They are frustrated in their desire to worship Jesus with their personal renditions of the songs they use during corporate worship.  Providing them with the chords and fingering to these songs allows them to get to the worship, bypassing the struggling to figure out timing and unique chord sequences. What a blessing you are. May God Prosper and enlarge you in all good things for your help and your offering to the Body.” – Minorpro


“I really thank GOD for your life Nina because of your tutorials, am bless i learn piano like drinking water and it helps communicate with GOD and most of my friends just wanna be like me when am trying to be like you thank you so so much for this” – Rex


“Thank you so much for this because I started piano last month and because of your tutorials I already know more than 7 Hillsong songs! Thank you so much!” – Nicole


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