Abba, I Belong To You Jonathan Helser


||: Bb//// | //// | EbM7//// | //// :||

[Verse 1]

Bb                                                                 EbM7
 You’re more real than the ground I’m standing on

Bb                                                    EbM7
 You’re more real than the wind in my lungs

Bb                                  Bb/D
 Your thoughts define me,     you’re inside me
Eb                 Bb         EbM7
 You’re my reality


Bb   Bb/D               Eb    
Abba,     I belong to you

[Verse 2]

Bb                                                 EbM7
  You’re closer than the skin on my bones
Bb                                                  EbM7

  You’re closer than the song on my tongue

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  1. Hi Nina. Love what your doing with these tutorials. I think I speak for all of us and say thanks alot for taking the time to prepare and publish them, its a real blessing.

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